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Emergency situations

Brief description of Kurchum district

Kurchum district is located in the eastern part of the East Kazakhstan region, the administrative center of the village Kurchum. In the north it borders with Katon-Karagai district of the East Kazakhstan region in the west with Kokpekty district of the East Kazakhstan region in the south with Zaisan and Tarbagatai districts of the East Kazakhstan region, and in the east with the People's Republic of China.
The territory of the district covers an area of ​​23.5 thousand sq. Km.
Kurchum district is mainly engaged in the production of agricultural products and fish industry.
On the territory of the district there are 583 peasant farms, as well as a number of enterprises of individual enterprises processing sunflower.
As a result of possible natural disasters, accidents or catastrophes, explosions and fires may occur as secondary factors. They can arise, first of all, at gas station facilities, life support, boiler houses.
In the area there are ​​12 rural districts, which include 52 villages.
The population of the district is 27940 people, including: men - 14134, women - 13806. The average population density is 1.7 people per 1 sq. km. The most densely populated is the western part of the region, where 35% of rural residents live.
Wind rose prevails in the north-west, south-east direction. In the period from December to February, snowstorms and blizzards are possible. The period of frosts is January-February.
In winter, in some years, a large amount of snow is possible, which complicates transport links between rural districts, the regional center and the regional center.
The avalanches of Kurchum-Maraldy and Terekty-Toskaiyn are subject to the descent of avalanches.
In the spring months due to rapid melting of the snow cover, flooding is possible with erosion of coastal dams on the rivers Kurchum, Kalzhir, Kalgutty flooding of the villages Kurchum, Barak-Batyr, Birlik, Burabay, Maraldy, Kalzhir, Buran, Kalguts, Akchy are possible.
In the offseason and summer periods, hurricanes are possible, where the wind speed reaches more than 30-35 m / s, which can cause great damage to the regional economy.

In the area on the border with the Kokpekty area there is the Bukhtarma reservoir, in the south of the area is Lake Zaisan, in the eastern part in the territory of Toskain rural district there is Lake Markakol.
The number of settlements not provided with access roads with hard surface - 28, unpaved roads in satisfactory condition;
Localities are fully telephone service;
Localities are provided with drinking water. Kurchum and Terekty villages are partially provided with central water supply;
Gas supply in the area - imported bottled gas. Delivered and implemented by IE Rahman A.A .;
The number of strategic objects - 3;
Transport connection with the regional center on the Kurchum-Ulken Naryn-Zyryanovsk-Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kurchum-Kalzhir-Zaisan-Kokpekty-Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kurchum-Samar-Ust-Kamenogorsk highway via the Kuzul Tu during the winter time and by ferry in the warm season;
The members of the Commission for Emergency Situations: Chairman - Akim of the region Kazhanov D.Z., 2-14-00; Deputies - Deputy Akim district Azimbayev K.Z., 22-106, head of the emergency department of the Kurchum district Abdrakhmanov A.R., 23-583, secretary-chief specialist of the emergency department of the Kurchum district Orazgaliev B.A.- 23-583. Chief Specialist in Civil Defense and Emergencies of the Akim’s Office of  Kurchum District of East Kazakhstan Region – D. T. Adilbekov. 21782, 87051404602