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Results of the work of the district department of employment, social programs and civil registration for 6 months of 2018

Provision of public services
3731 state services on 24 types of state services provided by the department of employment and social programs including 674 through state corporation "Government for citizens" and 117 services through portal "Electronic Government".

Employment issues
1231 people were registered to the department of employment. 892 of them were employed for permanent and temporary work. Level of employment is 72.5%. 652 vacant places planned to create by the program of territory development in 2018. 398 vacant places available that is the 61%.  
During the year it is planned to send 540 people to paid public work, 280 people were sent. The registered unemployment rate was 1.8%. 11 unemployed were sent to youth practice, 31 unemployed were sent to social jobs.
From the beginning of the year two job fairs were held by the department of employment. As a result, 9 people were employed in social jobs, 8 people in youth practice, 78 people in paid public work, 31 people in temporary jobs.
According to Comprehensive Plan for 2018 of Kurchum district  it is planned to employ 1591 people. Among them: 461 unemployment, 797 unproductive self-employed, 308 looking for job and 25 resettled.
In order to implement the Comprehensive Plan for 2018, today 1008 people have been covered by employment promotion measures. Among them: 892 people were employed, 116 people were trained in the basics of entrepreneurship. Of the 892 employed, 570 people are employed for permanent work, 322 for temporary and seasonal work. The level of employment for permanent work was 64%. The implementation of the Comprehensive Plan was 64%.

The appointment and payment of social benefits for low-income families
Assigned to 168 low-income families (1036 members) of state targeted social assistance, of which 26 are unconditional families, 142 families are conditional targeted social assistance. Among the designated 467 children under the age of 18, 2 disabled children, 146 people with care and children under 7 years old and children with disabilities of 1,2 groups, 8 disabled people, 4 pensioners, 12 students, 169 able-bodied.
82 people are employed before they submit applications. Under the program “Develop productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017–2021,” 18 people are employed in permanent jobs, 46 people are sent to paid public works. Since the beginning of the year, 111 families (320 members) received housing assistance. Financial assistance was provided to 62 low-income citizens, 9 of them suffering from the diagnosis of tuberculosis.
1195 health care professionals, social welfare, education, culture, sports and veterinary medicine living in settlements of the district, provided social assistance for the purchase of fuel.

About working with labor veterans and people with disabilities   
In Kurchum district, 970 people with disabilities live, 85 of whom are disabled in the 1st group, 2 are 64, 103 are the 3rd group and 108 are disabled.
In the current year, in honor of the Day of the withdrawal of troops from the territory of Afghanistan, one-time financial assistance was provided to 35 soldiers internationalists, 543 Mother Heroes and 353 mothers with many children.
In honor of the Day in memory of the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on April 26, 18 participants who worked in 1986–1987 to eliminate the consequences of the accident and radiation disaster, 3 citizens were provided with material assistance      
For selfless labor in the rear during the Great Patriotic War, 15 citizens who were awarded the medal "For Selfless Labor" of the former USSR were provided with material assistance.
In accordance with the comprehensive plan of social and demographic development of the family for 2014-2017, 5 mothers who gave birth to their fourth child were provided with material assistance.
For the restoration of health and recreation, people with disabilities and pensioners are sent to a sanatorium. In the current year, 18 pensioners were sent to the sanatorium “Uba”, 21 pensioners were sent to the Ust-Talovka building of the sanatorium “Uba”.       
14 disabled people of group 1 are provided with the services of 6 individual assistants.
From the beginning of the year, the disabled were given: 1 alarm system, for the visually impaired 3 laptops, 2 laptops with a webcam, 3 hours, 2 walkers, 1 orthopedic cane, 5 room wheelchairs, 9 walking wheelchairs, 1 multifunctional wheelchair, 7 reeds, 3 canes with support, 4 crutches.
75 hygiene products were acquired and issued to 75 people with disabilities.
As of July 1, 2018, 171 social facilities were certified, 72 objects were partially adapted, the plan for certification and adaptation was executed for 100%. All 171 passported objects are entered into the Interactive Accessibility Map portal.

About the work of the territorial center of social assistance
In the territorial center of social services, 61 social workers provide social services to 91 lonely elderly and disabled people, 29 children with disabilities, and 133 people over 18 with psycho-neurological pathologies.
Since the beginning of 2017, the Inva Taxi has been operating in the area.
This year, on February 9, on March 6, in the Youth Resource Center of the village of Kurchum, on March 20, in the village of Kuygan, armwrestling competitions were held among persons over the age of 18 with psycho-neurological and pathologies.

On March 1 of this year, in honor of the Day of Algys Aitu, March 8, the territorial center of social services for persons over 18 years of age with psycho-neurological pathologies and children with disabilities, a charity event was held.
On March 19, a checkers competition was held in the village of Kurchum for persons over the age of 18 with psycho-neurological pathologies, in honor of the Nauryz Day a festive table was covered.
April 3 in the village of Kuygan on the topic “Education and Education”, on April 6 in the village of Markakkol on the topic “” a round table was organized for persons over 18 years of age with psycho-neurological pathologies and children with disabilities.
On April 4, in the sports complex "Barak Batyr", a volleyball competition was held among persons over 18 years old with psycho-neurological pathologies.
On April 6, a checkers competition was held among people over 18 years old with psycho-neurological pathologies in the village of Kalzhyr.
On April 17, in the village of Kurchum, a territorial center for social services among persons with disabilities and parents held the “Merry Starts” competition.
On May 3, in honor of the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland, a gala concert was organized and a dastarkhan was laid for the recipients of services.
On June 1, in honor of Children's Day, for people over 18 years of age with psycho-neurological pathologies and children with disabilities, a nature excursion was organized.
On June 14, in the village of Kurchum, on June 18, in the village of Buran, among those over 18 years of age with neuropsychiatric pathologies, a football competition was organized.
On June 15, in the village of Kalzhyr, within the framework of the “Rouhani Zhangyru” program, a round table was held on the topic “Making a People’s History” for recipients of services.

About work on registration of civil status acts
During 6 months of 2018, 389 acts were registered, of which 160 were about birth, 115 were about death, 45 were about marriage, 38 were about establishing paternity, 26 were about divorce, 2 were about adoption, 3 name, patronymic.
In the information system "RAGS" on an ongoing basis is monitored, all changes and corrections are recorded in time in the archive of the information system. From the PSC received 299 hits.
Online communication is reviewed daily, 117 applications were received via online communications, 14 of them were married, 4 were divorcing, 99 were born. Administrative affairs were not initiated.
A total of 19 legal explanatory events were held, of which round tables -1, seminars -6, lectures-10, articles -2.

About students studying on akim's grant

Currently, 12 students are enrolled in higher educational institutions, all are enrolled at the Semey Medical University. In 2017, after graduation, having arrived in the district, 1 doctor works in his specialty.
Funds for tuition, accommodation in a dormitory, scholarships are paid in full.



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