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Internal policy

On political parties of the district

In the district there are representatives of the 3 parties. On the eve of elections in the regional maslikhats they organize the reserves of the candidates. In order to implement the youth policy in the region, the Department of internal policy, Department of culture and development of languages together with councils of veterans and women conduct round tables, evening meeting.
In the district newspaper "Rauan-Zarya" is published and publicized materials in the President's Message about the struggle with the global crisis, which promoted awareness among the population and political groups.

Name of political parties

Name of the Chairpersons

The number of party members

The number of primary political parties

Address of the political parties,


The branch of NDP "Nur Otan"

Chukaev Seisengazy Zhumagaliuly



Kurchum, B. Momishuly Street, 18, tel. 2-16-31.


"The Communist People's Party Of Kazakhstan"

Toybaev Talaptan Mamyrkhanovich



Saryolen, Torgovaya str., No. 16/1


Party "Auyl"

Baktiarov Alibek Kalirakhymuly



Kurchum district, Burabai village

Constantly held round tables with representatives of political parties, public associations, youth organization