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The Department of agriculture and enterprise development

Маденов Саят Шаурахметович Ashmanov Serikkan Tokanovich – head of the Department of agriculture and veterinary of the Kurchum district EKR

Ashmanov Serikkan Tokanovich was born 16 February 1962 in the Akshi village of Kurchum district, EKR. In 1979 he graduated from the Karatogay secondary school. Higher education. In 1979 – 1980 he worked in the Kalguty state farm. 1980 - 1982 served in the Soviet Army. In 1982 – 1987 he graduated from Semipalatinsk zootechnical – veterinary Institute, specialty-veterinary. Since 1987 worked as a veterinary assistant in No. 4 farm  named "XXII Congress of the CPSU", the chief veterinarian of the state farm "Kurchum". 1994 – 2009 passed military service in military unit №27955. 2010 – 2012 he held the position of chief specialist veterinarian of the akim of the Kurchum rural district. 2012 – 2013 main specialist of veterinary Department of agriculture and veterinary medicine. In November 2013 he was appointed head of the Department of agriculture and veterinary of the Kurchum district. Married, has  3 children.

Job responsibilities: 1) the General management of the activities of agricultural. 2) Approves the position, defines the duties and powers of the professionals and employees of the Department of agriculture. 3) Develops and implements programs of development of agroindustrial complex. 4) carrying out activities to sensitize the actors of the agro-industrial complex of main directions and mechanisms of state agrifood policies; 5) Develops the rules of content and grazing of farm animals, dogs and cats in human settlements, proposals for the establishment of borders of zones of sanitary maintenance of animals. Organize carrying out identification of agricultural animals in order, established by the authorized state body in the field of veterinary, construction, maintenance and reconstruction of the burial sites. 6) Forms the basic principles of farm marketing, studying of market conditions in the economic regions of the country and the region, identifying opportunities for export of agricultural products abroad. 7) Develops the program of development of the processing industry of the agroindustrial complex of the region and contributes to its implementations. 8) Coordination of selection-breeding work in animal husbandry and seed production of agricultural crops, works for the protection of animals from infectious and parasitic diseases, plant protection from diseases and pests. 9) Ensures implementation of state, economic, technological, technology policy in agriculture, animal husbandry, and mechanization of electrification of agricultural industry of the area. 10) Predicts the production and processing of agricultural products, develops medium-term plans for socio-economic development of agroindustrial complex of the district. 11) Coordinate the activities of marketing services and prepares information on market conditions for agricultural products. Provide assistance to the Fund for financial support of agriculture producers. 12) Assist rural producers in negotiating contracts and developing business plans, conducting their economic expertise, assist in the implementation of business projects. 13) Make budget requests, estimated costs, passport of the budget program also target the use of resources. On the basis of the law performs other duties.payroll.

 Address: village  Kurchum, Barak Batyr street, 25
Days of reception: Thursday from 9.00 to 18.00
Contact telephone: 8(72339) 31082, 31174 f