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The Department of veterinary medicine

Шакаев Омербек Сагидолдинович

Shakaev Omerbek Sagidoldinovich - head of division of veterinary of the Kurchum district EKR
Shakaev Omerbek Sagidoldinovich was born 17 March 1960 in the village Karatogay of the Kurchum district of the East Kazakhstan region. In 1977 he graduated from the Karatogay secondary school. Higher education. In 1982 he graduated from East Kazakhstan state farm-technical school, qualified veterinary assistant. In 1992 he graduated from Semipalatinsk zootechnical-veterinary Institute, having received qualification of the veterinary surgeon. He started his career in 1982 as a veterinarian on farm No. 3 of the Kalguty state farm. 1985-1994 - specialist for cattle-breeding farm No.1, farm of Kalinin supervisor, veterinary technician farm No.1, farm Egindibulak head of Kalguty state farm. 1994-2005.g. - head of the farm "Shakaev". 2005-2007 chief specialist - state inspector of Kurchum Department of fish inspection. From October 2007 to August 2013 head of the Department of agriculture, head of Department of entrepreneurship and agriculture, head of Department of entrepreneurship, agriculture and veterinary, head of the Department of agriculture and veterinary of the Kurchum district. 2013-2015 - the head of the farm "Shakaev". From June 2015, the head of Department of veterinary of the Kurchum district.  Married. has 3 children.

Address: Kurchum village, Ibezhanov St 23
Contact phone: 8(72339)22100, 8(72339)21625, index 071200